Tacoma Cannabis Dispensaries

Welcome to Tacoma – home of some of the best sun grown cannabis, retailers and medical providers in the PNW

Below are featured Tacoma Cannabis Dispensaries we have contacted and have featured jobs on our free and searchable job dashboard.

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If you have a special need for a certain type of employee, time is of the essence or a position that has been difficult to fill, let us know, there are many ways we can help.

Feel free to e-mail PinkBoots420@gmail.com anytime and we will respond ASAP. Feel free to ask questions about special rates and upcoming events.

MaryMart3002 6th AvenueTacoma
The Herbal Garden4803 Center StreetTacoma
Diamond Green4002 S. 12th StreetTacoma
Nature’s Rec Center3833 Pacific Ave, #CTacoma
The Joint3502 S. 74th StreetTacoma
Clear Choice Cannabis8001 S. Hosmer StreetTacoma
Green Collar Cannabis10422 Pacific Avenue, #BTacoma
Emerald Leaves2702 6th AvenueTacoma
Urban Bud112 S. 24th StreetTacoma
Zips Cannabis3213 S. 38th StreetTacoma
Tacoma House of Cannabis2632 S. 38th Street, #ATacoma
High Society Tacoma3111 S. Pine StreetTacoma
World of Weed3202 E. Portland AvenueTacoma
Bloom Cannabis Tacoma10707 Pacific Avenue #DTacoma

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