Gradi’s YummyGummies – because sharing IS caring

With so many shady and greedy characters entering the cannabis industry to make a quick buck from sick folks, I felt compelled to share my recipe for my #yummygummies – cannabis infused gummy treats I make, not to sell, but to share, because I am not about to […]

Is cannabis coming to the NFL? Maybe – for a price (of course)

Forbes magazine is reporting that the National Football League (NFL)Ā is considering a change to their drug testing policy. Ā GETTY Images “As more states continue to legalize marijuana for recreational and medicinal purposes, the NFL is starting to change its tune”. “The league, which currently bans marijuana use,Ā is almost […]

A dispensary virgin? How a Utah girl broke her marijuana dispensary cherry and why there is no turning back now

After being a self-medicated marijuana patient for more than 40 years in Utah, I was fortunate to write about the experience of breaking my dispensary cherry last summary when I fled the land behind the Zion curtain for Big Buds Magazine. As a long time ā€œillegalā€ cannabis enthusiast […]

There REALLY is compassion in Washington state’s medical marijuana community

Learn all about Vincere’s Compassion Club, about how a community comes together with compassion and cannabis in Tacoma, WA. Tucked behind a nondescript storefront on Pacific Avenue, between Larchmont and Parkland, near Lakewood, Washington and McChord Air Force Base sits what might come as a surprise to some, […]

The Easy Cannabis Cookbook: 60+ Medical Marijuana Recipes for Sweet and Savory Edibles

The definitive guide to making easy, everyday cannabis edibles for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and dessert, my friend Cheri Sicard has done it again!  A lot of people ask for cannabis recipes and I always refer them to Cheri’s books.  Her latest, The Easy Cannabis Cookbook, is simple, fun […]

Gov. Inslee offering clemency for cannabis convictions

Washington Marijuana Justice Initiative Are prior cannabis convictions from the state of Washington holding you back, keeping you from getting a good job or landing that perfect rental? Ā Governor JayĀ  Inslee made history today by announcing (click here for video of the announcement) the ā€œMarijuana Justice Initiativeā€ wherein […]


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