Garden Technician sought by Zen Asset Management in Tacoma

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Zen Asset Management

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Zen Asset Management seeks Garden Technician in Tacoma
This position works in a cannabis growing and processing business. The Garden Technician performs all daily tasks set forth by the Production Management to maintain plant health and rotations throughout plant life cycles. The Production department is responsible for all major labor movements such as transplanting, harvesting, tagging, trellising, lowers, spray application, spray equipment maintenance, cloning, and cleaning in addition to non-technical general plant maintenance. The department also is responsible for all watering, nutrient mixes, integrated pest management applications, identifying signs of poor plant health, and maintaining sterilization protocols.

General Duties and Responsibilities

Demonstrates Zen Asset Management s Core Values and Principles at all times.
Performs daily tasks as directed by the Production Management
Understands basic plant anatomy to perform plant maintenance techniques appropriate for each plant stage to maintain optimal growing conditions
Has basic knowledge of plant health signs/symptoms
Can maintain a fast work pace while performing strenuous activities
Responsible for maintaining a clean working environment and properly following all sterilization protocols
Safely operate all associated equipment such as pressure washer, push carts, pruners, etc.
Identify and report to management any grow-house equipment or machinery that is not working properly
Cut clones and propagate plants, as assigned
Performs all transplants, plant spacing, and plant movements throughout the facility
Washes nursery containers for reuse
Inspect crops for any signs that might affect plant health including pest identification, nutrient imbalances, under/overwatering, and notify management or supervisors of any issues.
Understand and implement daily watering techniques appropriate for each plant stage, maintaining optimal moisture levels and target nutrient concentrations in the growing media for each plant individually
Prunes lower branches off plants without compromising plant health or yield
Accurately measure and mix appropriate formulas for all plant stages and formula rotations as directed by Production management
Operate multiple plumbing configurations and accessory equipment used in daily operations.
Execute all spray applications, including using appropriate formula mixes and timing, as assigned
Maintain spray equipment, as assigned
Responsible for harvesting plants in preparation for drying and processing
Familiarity and compliance with sections of WAC Chapter 314-55 applicable to job role
Other duties and responsibilities as assigned
Minimum Education, Experience, and Legal Requirements

Must be at least 21 years of age at the time of first interview
High school diploma or equivalent
Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities required to effectively perform the job

Proven ability to delegate tasks; including training employees as needed
Ability to pick up new concepts easily. Strong attention to detail, which includes the ability to accurately keep records
Ability to work both independently and in a team environment
Flexibility in changing roles and requirements during the day
Understands the metric system of measurements
Ability to communicate clearly, effectively, and with respect at all times (written and verbal)
Ability to organize work within company parameters
Work efficiently and effectively in a prioritized fashion
Ability to listen objectively and be coached without defensiveness
Ability to ask questions about current practices
Actively contributes to process improvement
Does what they say they will do
Able and willing to work with plants – potting, harvesting, trellising, trimming, cleaning, etc.
Working Conditions

Zen Asset Management facilities are open from 6:00 AM to 1:00 AM Monday through Sunday, depending on the facility
The normal work week is 40 hours, your supervisor will explain your positional schedule and what schedule variances might happen in the course of business
Most work is conducted in a warehouse-type environment in which warmer or cooler than normal temperatures may exist, with sometimes humid conditions, depending on the department
Cannabis odor present in varying degrees
Physical Requirements

Ability to sit or stand in one place for long periods of time
Must be able to periodically work in a fast-paced environment
The ability to concentrate on a detailed task for long periods of time
The ability to periodically lift, push and pull up to 50 pounds
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