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Lab Technician for Cannabis Extractor sought by Cultivar Farms in Seattle

Note: All information posted here was gleaned from the job listing. Please contact original recruiter with questions or to apply.

Cultivar Farms seeks Lab Technician for Cannabis Extractor in Seattle

Cultivar Farms is one of Washington State’s premiere cannabis producer/processor operations. Founded in 2016 and headquartered in Seattle, WA, Cultivar Farms manages the largest indoor cultivation facility within the city limits. The Company operates primarily under the House of Cultivar brand name and has consistently brought top quality flower and extracted products to market since its inception.

The primary focus of this position is to lead the Co2 Extraction Process of Cannabis Products, and to support all other Extraction Processes through practical, hands-on laboratory work. Taking direction on task priority, while self-managing timelines for project completion, is essential. For Team Success it is imperative all Lab/Co2 Technicians can take direct, constructive feedback on quality and timeliness of work.

The ideal Extraction Lab Technician must be familiar with the following equipment/processes:

  • 20L Eden Co2 Extraction System
  • Short Path Distillation
  • Rotary Evaporator
  • Various Filtration Methods
  • Winterization/Dewaxing/Scrubbing

Specific Duties:

  • Maintains compliance with Washington State Regulations and Law
  • Understands the mandated compliance and reporting requirements. This includes i-502 regulations regarding the handling and storage of cannabis.
  • Maintains compliance with company policies and procedures.
  • Prepares equipment and plant materials for extraction.
  • Executes the extraction and processing of materials in accordance with state and local standards.
  • Ensures consistency and efficiency of product through quality control testing and procedures.
  • Cleans, maintains, and repairs extraction equipment within the manufacturing facility.
  • Maintains strict inventory records of all plant materials, chemicals, and equipment with Director of Compliance approved system.
  • Stores supplies and equipment and disposal of waste according to guidelines.
  • Completes the cleaning and sanitization of all production equipment, work surfaces, and tools.
  • Maintains inventory records of supplies, materials, and equipment and preparing requisitions.
  • Maintains material safety data sheets for all chemicals and products
  • Follows all standard operating procedures regarding product creation and lab safety.
  • Performs clerical work related to laboratory activities: record keeping, filing, answering e-mail inquiries, and live inventory spreadsheet (as inventory increases/decreases).
  • Works with certified testing laboratories as defined by state guidelines.
  • Responsibly and carefully handles all products throughout the process so as to maintain a high degree of quality control.
  • Diligently work in a focused, quick and efficient manner.
  • Comply with all HR policies.
  • Attend daily “team huddles,” all required meetings, and participate in team and professional development activities.
  • Assists in packaging and labeling of finished products.
  • Cross train in other departments as necessary.

Please submit your resume with a cover letter for consideration. Our goal is to hire for this position in the near term. Join the top cannabis production facility and team in Washington today!

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