Black Face

Boycott The Joint for Black Face

The owner of The Joint Tacoma and The Joint Burien), Shy Sadis, apparently thinks dressing up in Black Face is somehow appropriate.

Want evidence? Here ya go, with photographic evidence, screen shots as well as quotes from ex-employees.

Owner of The Joint Tacoma and Burien enjoys Black Face

But wait – there’s more! In speaking with several sources and have discovered since the initial publication of this article earlier this week, I have discovered that at least 3 employees have quit with another giving notice. The call for the boycott of this racist, bigoted behavior is having the correct effect.

Mr. Sadis also seems to have no regarding regarding the WSLCB and Washington State cannabis laws, insisting paying a small fine is just fine with him in order to open more stores and earn more profit. It doesn’t matter the year or in what context he expresses it. Mr. Sadis is clearly as racist and after several attempts to elicit a response to these allegations, a coward as well as he refuses to utter or write a word.

A former employee contact me on Facebook, and respecting her for coming out in print, I am anonymously quoting her about the owner of other branches of The Joint.

Jeff Clark is who he has running The Joint shops in Bellingham and Burlington, they are best friends and Jeff is almost as bad. He is hugely misogynistic and fired at least two employees solely for becoming pregnant. He told me to only hire attractive people, mainly women, and would veto great potential employees for “being too ugly”. I worked for him for 3.5 years until I decided to leave. We were buying product from another friend of his who was harassing me and my employees (all of which which I had on audio and video) and Jeff said his loyalty is to his friend and not me and allowed it to keep happening.

Due to these facts, no matter in what context it was expressed, I am calling for a complete boycott of The Joint at every location and for Mr. Sadis and Mr. Clark to be immediately fired, employees to do what is right and look for new work within the cannabis industry at and to spread the word.

There is no room racism in the cannabis industry it will NOT be tolerated. As a female Freelance Writer in the cannabis industry for more than 10 years, I feel it is my imperative to call for an immediate boycott of all locations of The Joint.

As an “essential” business, it is ESSENTIAL we set good examples and rid the entire marijuana world of this type of hatred.



End of Story

Gradi Jordan/PinkBoots420

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  1. Note – he “does not regret this at all” – is NOT a good representative of the cannabis industry and deserves to be run out of business AND out of Tacoma

      • Now THAT is how you affect change – thank you!!! Keep an eye on our job dashboard for free, searchable cannabis industry jobs throughout the PNW. Much PEACE

    • Yes I did apologize for this year’s ago and it wasn’t meant to be racist maybe you guys should go after Jimmy Kimmel or Joe Rogan people make mistakes and I have apologized many times over. I don’t even own all of the joints you guys should get your story straight before you post things you don’t even know

      • There is NO apologizing for racism or bigotry nor is there room for it within the cannabis industry. I gathered a LOT of evidence (screen shots, photos, testimonials) and continue to call for a boycott. Thanks Mr. Sadis, for giving us a fine example of how NOT to behave in the cannabis industry. I also responded to your e-mail you sent from your I-phone, if you want to respond to that, feel free –

      • I am aware of the other locations owner’s behavior as well, and have documented evidence of illegal firing practices along with lack of basic business knowledge. There is NO apologizing.

  2. this guy is an asshole and should be recognized as such . they have location in the U District, boycott !!

  3. I used to work there and this came out over a year ago. He refused to address this even though it was brought to his attention by employees until just a few days ago with his lame ass apology on their site. Place sucks don’t go or work there

    • Thank you – THIS is how we make changes happen – through the power of the press. Boycott, quit working there, whatever we can do – we HAVE to as an industry AND people. Thanx!

  4. From Facebook – “Hello. Regarding you post about the joint. I am one of the managers that quit. It’s was all 3 managers and 4 employees that quit. One was fired a day later and one who is still there is only there because she has no job lined up to go to yet. But she is 100% on our side and as soon as she has another job she is walking out.”

  5. I updated this article this morning with another picture of Mr. Sadis is Black Face along with screen shots of him trying to get around WSLCB laws and the misogynistic behavior by the owner of 2 other locations. There is NO room for racism or misogyny in the cannabis industry. I also sent a copy to the WSLCB, to make them aware. We want change? THIS is how we MAKE it happen – thanks to the many sources who have reached out and given testimonials to this behavior as well. Much PEACE – PinkBoots420

  6. Updated with screen shots, another picture of Mr. Sadis in Black Face as well as employee testimonials to misogynistic and illegal behavior by the owners of several locations of #TheJoint cannabis dispensaries.
    Enjoy – as I’m sure the #WSLCB will as well. 3 Employees have already quit, another on the way out.
    #BOYCOTTTheJoint #BLM #BlackLivesMatter #PinkBoots420

  7. I like how he tells everyone “we won the contest” in his apology… does he possibly just not get it at all ??

  8. Hi I checked but their sales are still close to the same levels. the sales for their U District or Burien store are still up there. there needs to be a better way of getting this info out in the U District. Can you make this page into a Reddit ? or some other platform that is easier for people to circulate news?

  9. It is getting picked up by national publications such as the Ganjapreneur so word is getting out. Please feel free to share the link – it IS working!

  10. Shy Sadis’ Bellingham, WA store was just renamed from “The Joint” to “Star Buds” in an attempt to disguise their affiliation. It looks like their store is opening soon. Star Buds = The Joint = Shy Sadis = racist!

  11. Thought Shy wasn’t allowed to open ANY pot stores in Bellingham after the 2012 raid on the joint. Maybe instead of bashing him online, you should report him to the LCB and the city of Bellingham. Maybe Bham will take away his licenses and handed them off to a person of color

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