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Updated List of Pesticides Allowed for Use in Marijuana Production

The Washington State Liquor and Cannabis Board (WSLCB) issued the following information via e-mail today regarding pesticide use in cannabis production from the Washington State Department of Agriculture (WSDA).

Washington State issues updated list of legal pesticides in cannabis production

The Washington State Department of Agriculture (WSDA) has recently updated the list of pesticides that are allowed for use in marijuana production in Washington State, based on criteria previously established by WSDA.

WSDA has added 13 new Section 3 pesticides and four new Section 25(b) pesticides to the list of allowable products for a total of 17 new products. There were 16 Section 3 and 9 Section 25b products removed from the list.  Most of the products removed were products that were cancelled or failed to renew for the 2020/2021 cycle.  The list currently contains 300 Section 3 pesticides and 86 Section 25(b) pesticides, for a total of 386 products.

WSDA has two columns on the list: (1) Section 3 pesticides that are subject to Worker Protection Standard (WPS) requirements, and (2) Section 3 pesticides that are limited to use by non-commercial “HG Only” marijuana growers. The products designated as “HG Only=Yes” may only be used by those individuals authorized to home grow medical use marijuana.

Products marked as “HG Only=Yes” may not be used in the commercial production of marijuana.

Spray adjuvants are not included on the list—however any spray adjuvant that is labeled for use on food crops can be used with an allowed pesticide that is applied to marijuana, as long as the intended use is authorized by the spray adjuvant label. For example, a spray adjuvant labeled only for use with an herbicide cannot be used with an insecticide or fungicide. Information on spray adjuvants that are registered for distribution in Washington is available from the WSU PICOL database.

Please check your stock of pesticides against the list to ensure that you are using an allowed product. Marijuana growers can continue to use any existing stocks of pesticides that were removed from the list, but no new product can be purchased.

All of the pesticides that were added to the list contain active ingredients that were already allowed for use in marijuana production.

Some pesticides are labeled for application to soil or to crop plants, while some pesticides are labeled for application to both soil and crop plants (e.g., insecticides, fungicides). Other pesticides include herbicides labeled for direct application to, and control of, unwanted plants (i.e., weeds). Remember to read, understand, and comply with all applicable label directions and precautions when using any pesticide.

Pesticides Added:
1. Grotto
2. BT Now
EPA No. 67702-2-59807
EPA No. 89046-12-70299
EPA No. 64137-13
4. Debug Optimo EPA NO. 70310-7
5. Debug On EPA NO. 70310-11
6. Stargus Biofungicide EPA NO. 84059-28
7. Prevasyn EPA NO. 91865-1
8. Defguard Biofungicide/Bactericide EPA NO. 91865-3
9. Exile Insecticide/Fungicide/Miticide EPA NO. 91865-2
10. Bioprotec Plus EPA NO. 89046-12
11. Azatin O EPA NO. 70051-9-59807
12. Spectracide Triazide Insect Killer EPA NO. 9688-319-8845
13. Leprotec EPA NO. 89046-12-88847
14. Circadian Sunrise WA NO. 93631-20002
15. All Phases WA NO. 93631-20001
16. Nuke Em Advanced WA NO. 997940-19001
17. Trifecta Crop Control Ready to Use WA NO. 997020-20001

Pesticides Removed:
1. Pvent EPA NO. 64137-13-70299
2. Ag De-Cide Diatomaceous Earth EPA NO. 7655-1-71074
3. Axiom Plant Growth Stimulator EPA NO. 71771-3-89112
4. Diafil 610 EPA NO. 73729-1
5. Ferti-lome Horticulture Oil Spray EPA NO. 48813-1-7401
6. Garden Safe Brand Garden Insect Fogger EPA NO. 9688-319-8845
7. Hormogel EPA NO. 75337-1
8. Hortus IBA Water Soluble Salts (20%) EPA NO. 63310-22
9. Ortho Elementals Garden Disease Control EPA NO. 67702-1-239
10. Ortho Elementals Garden Insect Killer EPA NO. 67702-6-239
11. Ortho Elementals Insecticidal Soap EPS NO. 67702-21-239
12. Ortho Elementals Slug & Snail Killer EPA NO. 67702-3-239
13. Plant Guardian Biofungicide Liquid Concentrate EPA NO. 264-1152-56872
14. Rhizopon AA #2 (0.3) EPA NO. 63310-20
15. Rhizopon AA #3 (0.8) EPA NO. 63310-21
16. Terraneem oil Biological Insecticide EPA NO. 88760-4
17. Mole and Vole Stopper Concentrate WA NO. 82165-10002
18. Ed Rosenthal’s Zero Tolerance Herbal Fungicide WA NO. 998100-14001
19. Elemonatem WA NO. 999860-16001
20. Hedge Natural Defense Plant Protectant WA NO. 997420-18001
21. Mantis BE WA NO. 998930-16001
22. Mercenary WA NO. 997480-18001
23. Organocide 3-in-1 Garden Spray Concentrate WA NO. 70179-11001
24. Organocide 3-in-1 Garden Spray Ready To Use WA NO. 70179-11002
25. Procidic 2 WA NO. 999550-16002

You can find the complete list of pesticides that are allowed for use in marijuana production, the criteria WSDA used to establish the list, and information regarding statewide stop-sale orders in Washington on the WSDA web site:

Contact Information:

• For information regarding the registration of pesticides and fertilizers, please contact the WSDA Pesticide and Fertilizer Registration Section.
     Phone: 360-902-2025
     Email for pesticide registration:
     Email for fertilizer registration:

• For information regarding how to comply with the pesticide label, please contact the WSDA Pesticide Compliance Program.
     Phone: 360-902-2040

• For any other questions, please contact your Liquor and Cannabis Board enforcement officer.

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