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Now is the time for home delivery for medical marijuana patients

Cannabis patents need home delivery NOW!

Amid the mass epidemic and self-isolation due to the COVD19 virus in Washington, now is the time for Governor Inslee and any other Governors of states with legal medical marijuana to immediate institute home delivery services for registered patients.

This is proven by the fact that most patients are immunosupressed and many have limited or difficulty traveling.

Vincere’s Compassion Club would offer an excellent opportunity for local vendors to help maintain their small businesses and income in addition to assisting dispensaries with their customer service.

It would also bring new job opportunities as drivers and delivery staff would need to be hired and trained. Governor Inslee has been very responsive with the management of the virus (more than the Federal Government, no doubt) and other Governors have taken his lead by limiting social gatherings and encouraging social distancing.

The Washington State Liquor and Cannabis Board (WSLCB) can be contacted in addition to the Governor’s office as well as local and state representatives. Time for advocates to stand up and continue to fight for the rights of medical marijuana patients in Washington.

If this is as important to you as it is to me, as a medical marijuana patient in Washington, please contact Governor Insee’s office at this link as soon as possible. Perhaps, with enough medical patients speaking up, we can affect this change, the quicker the better.

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  1. Are there any compassionate care people out there that can provide some medicine for someone now broke and stuck at home? My HIV and neuropathy is outta control and cannot get any help. Thanks

    • The folks at Vincere’s Compassion Club are continuing to serve medical marijuana patients in Tacoma – hang in there – I think we will see home delivery VERY soon now – until then, keep looking out for each other.

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