Diamond Green for the win for best customer service in Tacoma

Diamond Green at 4002 S. 12th Street in Tacoma has the best customer service

Relocating from Utah (the land behind the Zion curtain) to a new home in the land of the free (for cannabis) to Washington, one of the first, and most important items to find, in my eyes, was finding an accessible, local cannabis dispensary.

Tacoma has a variety of dispensaries located around the city (click here for our page on area shops) so it took a few months to find one I was comfortable enough to consider it my “home” dispensary, once we actually bought a home. Tacoma is a very walkable city, however, when we purchased our home in April, we chose “Hilltop” neighborhood, where there are no close dispensaries (click this link on why Hilltop deserves dispesnaries too, from my article in the Weekly Weedly), so I make the weekly trek to the closest store, Diamond Green on 12th Street.

Not only do I now consider this my “home” dispensary, I have befriended some of the staff and have come to respect their business practices. I went in yesterday to purchase some concentrate and flower, as per usual, when I dropped one of my packages inside the store, not noticing rushing on the way out.

Before my Lyft driver could get me to 1.5 miles back up the hill, I had received a text from one of the Managers, who let me know I had left behind a purchase. I couldn’t make it back right away and asked her to hold it for me, which she happily agreed to.

I have never experienced that level of customer service. A place where they know you by sight, what your preferences are and honest enough to let someone know they forgot something. I was more than impressed. This is the same Manager that goes out and sweeps the parking lot for garbage, wrappers left carelessly behind by their customers. (Read here about how garbage is affecting the cannabis industry and how we can and must do better in this article I wrote for Big Buds Magazine). Keep it clean, fellow Stoners.

So, the next time you are looking for an excellent dispensary with a wide selection, knowledgeable and friendly Budtenders with great prices, get on down to Diamond Green (it may look like a little hole in the wall, but trust me – this place is LIT with some killer specials) and the best Budtenders around.

Thanks again for the reminder, I’ll be back soon to pick that up and more.

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