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Catch some Sunshine Vibes with Island Bound and Balance Trick

Tonight, October 4th at the Swiss Restaurant and Pub is proud to host two live bands, Island Bound and Balance Trick, from 9 p.m. for $10 (21+ only).

The Swiss Restaurant and Pub is located at 1904 South Jefferson

Balance Trick (according to their website) is a Reggae Rock band based out of Portland, OR formed by a group of adventurists, surfers, and van enthusiasts.

“We like to balance the unavoidable and accepted darker side of existence with adding as much stoke to our lives as possible – we jam, surf, skate, build vans, backpack, play with our hounds, and just explore and have a good time all around.”

We are avid hunters of stoke, seeking out that which keeps our spirits alive. – Balance Trick
The Swiss Restaurant and Pub located at 1904 South Jefferson

The Swiss Restaurant & Pub is housed in an historic 1913 building in the midst of downtown museums, retail shops and the University of Washington, Tacoma. Be safe, use Lyft or Uber and have a fabulous, responsible tonight in Tacoma, reggae fans,

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