Recycle your Food and Yard Waste Tacoma, Seriously!

As an avid gardener, I was pleased as punch to learn that the city of Tacoma offers yard and food waste recycling programs which are both affordable and very effective, being put to good use in the Tagro program.

I can not believe in this day and age that a neighbor of mine who has a fire pit in his driveway (in the Hilltop area) decided to trim his huge holly tree and try to burn the green material in the fire pit in his driveway next to his garage in the middle of the day.

Share the word on Tacoma Food and Yard Waste Recycling Program

With gasoline.

TOO much gasoline.

That huge BOOM you may have heard around 10ish would have been this person almost blowing himself and half the neighborhood up.

Thankfully, no one was hurt, nothing was burned.

The really unfortunate thing, in my opinion, is that this is a home owner who was unaware of the yard waste program offered by the city of Tacoma.

I had to demonstrate (by picking up some of the holly he cut) and placing it into the big brown bin and told him I keep said big brown bin in the front of my yard since I garden a LOT and use it a LOT.

I am appalled he A – Didn’t know about using the yard waste bins and B – That he thinks it’s ok to burn green trash in the city.

Here’s a little something today, Tacoma Gardeners, I suggest you share this link with people who are unaware of the Food and Yard Waste Program of the City of Tacoma.

We all live here and have to breathe the same air – ignorance is no excuse.

Tell me, what would you do? If he had started burning it, would you have confronted him? Was telling him about the brown bins the right thing to do or the Mrs. Nosy Neighbor (as my kids call me).

Let me know – we all need to care for each other.


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