What factors do you consider when selecting a dispensary?

Living in Tacoma, Washington for the past year has taught me much more about the wide, wonderful world of cannabis than I could have ever imagined or hoped for.

I have learned about different strains, met growers, vendors, medical patients, doctors, nurses and talked to more Budtenders than I thought existed. I certainly have my list of necessities when it comes to a favorite dispensary, and surprisingly, price is not one of them.

I enjoy learning and writing about the Tacoma cannabis community and always like to note outstanding service or performance, which I caught another example of today on my visit to Diamond Green on 12th.

When I came walking along the sidewalk, up to the front of the parking lot, I saw Manager Brittney sweeping and tidying up their shared parking lot up. For a smaller dispensary, Diamond Green has some of the best customer service I have ever experienced and I was absolutely thrilled to see them keep bettering Tacoma through cleaning. It proves to me they care about their business and their customers.

The only other marijuana dispensary I have ever witnessed hold daily clean ups in the parking lot (and along 6th Avenue on occasion) is Mary Mart (read more here to discover more about a marvelous shop).

I was very impressed with their crew when I spoke with their Marketing Manager, Misha, who leads the trash clean up and gives me hope for the future of cannabis.

Cannabis dispensaries who hire responsible management who insist on these types of activities are the ones that will receive return customers and continue to flourish. A filthy lot or store is an immediate turn-off.

Keep up the good work, staff and management of both establishments. These are the types of examples Tacoma is capable of and customers deserve and will come to expect. Customer service is how I chose my favorite dispensaries – how do you chose yours?

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