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5 years already? Join Mary Mart in a week long anniversary celebration

Congratulations to one of Tacoma, Washington’s finest cannabis dispensaries, Mary Mart (which I wrote during my first visit as a medical marijuana patient last June) which is celebration the 5th year of providing “affordable cannabis at your fingertips”.

Mary Mart celebrates 5 years September 14th!

Saturday, September 14th will live in infamy, at least on 6th Avenue on Tacoma as the day Mary Mart opened their doors to a full service cannabis dispensary.

Join in a week long celebration featuring deals, meet various food and cannabis vendors and more.

Check out the menu at Mary Mary for all the updated information.

Mary Mart tops Tacoma’s cannabis dispensaries

Here’s a fun fact about Mary Mart – their staff gets out every morning and cleans the parking lot of any litter (especially all those nasty cannabis wrappers, etc). and hold quarterly clean ups along 6th Avenue. Along with knowledgeable Budtenders, a well light, clean and well managed store, Mary Mart is tops in this writer’s eyes as the most sustainable and responsible dispensary in Tacoma. I hope others strive to step up and clean up the way the staff at Mary Mart has. Little ripples make small waves and Mary Mart is riding the wave of cannabis in Tacoma.

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