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Best packaging in Washington goes to Hitz Cannabis

As a lifelong cannabis consumer, mom, gardener, human being and out of simple concern for the welfare of our planet, I was surprised, no, scratch that, DELIGHTED is a better term. I was delighted to discover a Washington cannabis company that is utilizing sustainable packaging practices. (Click this link to read about the issues we are having with trash, recycling and sustainability within the cannabis industry in this article I wrote for Big Buds.)

15709 Ordway Dr SE, Yelm, WA 98597

Hitz Cannabis, local to me (being based in Tacoma) out of Yelm, has packaged their flower in one ounce glass Kerr canning jars. Yes, the same jars grandma (and yours truly) use to preserve jams, jellies and pickles. Those jars. They are reusable and the best idea in cannabis packaging I have encountered since moving to Washington last year.

Blackberry Kush from Hitz Cannabis (available at Diamond Green in Tacoma, WA)

Where, you might ask, did I make such an outstanding find? Why, none other than Diamond Green, a small hole in the wall type dispensary on 12th Street in Central Tacoma. The Budtenders are always attentive, however this morning it felt like home. Before I could even produce my ID and medical authorization card, she excitedly turned to the back wall and grabbed a few bottles, while saying “I have EXACTLY what you need”, knowing when I do come in, I am always after the same thing, Indica flower for the best price.

Diamond Green
4002 S. 12th St
Tacoma, WA 98405

She presented three bottles, of which I chose a Blackberry Kush, an organically grown Indica harvested 8/9/2018 (have to ensure a good cure, kids!) with a THC level of 17.3%, CBD 0.1% for total cannanbinoids of 20.8%.

After my medical discount, the price was $50 for an ounce. Although I prefer to obtain my cannabis via the medical vendors at Vincere’s Compassion Club (click this link to read about how and why there truly is compassion in western Washington in this article I wrote for Ladybud Magazine), there are times when I am too sick to make the drive and turn to my local dispensary for my medication. I was, therefore, thrilled to obtain this little treasure this morning and look forward to the relief it will bring.

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