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Processor sought by I-502 production facility in Bremerton

Note: All information posted here was gleaned from the job listing. Please contact original recruiter with questions or to apply.

I-502 production facility in Bremerton seeks processor

Processing Position – On call, Part Time with possibility of being moved to Full Time.

This will not be a suitable environment for applicants if:

It is believed that because you love using cannabis, that you should be working in the industry.

If you are unable to go the workday without having used or using cannabis.

If, however you enjoy checking items off of a to-do list, working a series of different repetitive tasks, working autonomously(yet as a part of team), consider yourself self motivated/self starting, and can thrive in a fast paced work environment, this could be a great opportunity.

Job Responsibilities Include But Are Not Limited To

Our growing Mason County, WA licensed I 502 facility is looking to fill a Processing position.

Must be responsible for processing and packaging of all marijuana material to meet quality control standards in preparation for sale.

It is expected that Washington Liquor and Cannabis Board regulations will be followed at all times- forbidden actions/activities will result in immediate termination.

Packaging flower – Weigh, package and label product as assigned.

Accurately weigh product and package into batch number lots for sale.

Pre-roll making- Fill, weigh, twist, tube/bag and label all prerolls accurately and efficiently into their respective lots for sale.

Kief- Weigh, load and label all kief products accurately and efficiently for sale.

Finalizing packaging of all completed orders for delivery.

Waste – Assist with disposing/recycling of all waste generated during the processing/packaging part of the operation in keeping with LCB regulations.

If Tech Competent

Traceability- Building the order carts as they come in, printing manifests and labels.

Printing off test results for each delivery to meet individual retailer expectations.

It is expected that all work spaces will be maintained in order and kept clean.

Our processing facility has been data-centric since the beginning of i502 and have established acceptable rates of production.

We have also been consumer-centric and pay close attention to quality of work.


Must be 21 years of age or older.

Must have reliable transportation and be able to show up on time everyday.

Illegal drug use on or off shift is not acceptable and will result in immediate dismissal.

May not consume marijuana products on licensed property.

Must be able to pass background check, drug check and reference checks.

Experience in marijuana industry is not mandatory or necessarily preferred.

This position is considered Part time on call and at entry level, pay will start at $12.00/hr.

All employees are expected to work graciously with team members on assigned tasks at all times.

Expectations include but are not limited to arriving on time every day, being part of a team, enjoying your job!

To apply for this position please send a current resume including dates, and position with a reporting manager.

Also include in a cover letter what interests you in this position and if you have what you would consider experience in a similar work environment(marijuana industry or not).

All applicants please include a working phone number as there will not be any email responses.

  • ]ob Type**: On call Part Time with future full time possibility

Job Location: Mason County, WA

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