$40 ounces

Are $40 ounces of flower a thing of fantasy in Washington?

I recently heard an online rumor of a Tacoma cannabis dispensary that was selling $38 ounces.

Questioning the validity (and quality) of such a statement, I decided to actually hit the road and visit the World of Weed at 3202 E Portland Avenue, with the new Emerald Queen Casino looming large nearby, on the east side of Tacoma.

Does World of Weed really offer decent $40 ounces of flower?

The shop is located on a fairly busy street with limited off street parking.

As there was no dedicated lot and no sign of outside security, I pulled alongside the fence line and went it, noticing it was clean and calm atmosphere, upon entering, although the outside did leave a little to be desired.

After having my ID (both drivers license and Washington Marijuana Authorization Card) screened and scanned by the Security Guard seated at the door, I followed the short line to a Budtender, who greeted me immediately.

I informed her I was interested in purchasing some flower, to which she responded “How much do you want to spend?”, indicating they had price variations from $38 to over $400 per ounce.

Considering the goal was to try the “$40 ounce” I had been hearing about, I told her “Let’s give that cheap one a try, why not”?

$36.30 for 28 grams, minus Washington Cannabis Tax $9.80 (as mmj patient) for a grand total of $36.30 for one ounce of Blueberry DJ Short by High Society

She quickly added my medical card information into their system and helped me select a “Blueberry DJ Short“, a classic Indica that appeared to have been hand trimmed from High Supply LLC (some sugar leaves and semi-compacted buds).

I thanked her as I declined a bag after paying for my purchase (who uses those in Tacoma?) and she wished me a sunny day.

I stopped for some munchies on the way home and settled in for a few bongs hits before dinner preparations began.

The smoke was surprisingly smooth, tasty and the bud had some crystals. Not mad amounts of icky sticky bud, but more than sufficient and better quality than I expected.

Relaxing and calming, this was a purchase that was well worth the drive from Hilltop (all of 10 minutes) and one I will probably make again.

World of Weed, you exceeded my expectations, Internet sumor now confirmed and I’m happy to become a repeat customer.

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