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Far beyond basic infusions – Meet the Bubble-Up Girlz

Most people would agree that a mother-daughter relationship is a special, wonderful thing.  When that is combined with another wonderful thing, cannabis, it is truly exceptional. I was thrilled to meet and quickly befriend a dynamic mother-daughter duo when I wrote this article I wrote for Ladybud Magazine about Vincere’s Compassion Club), Laney and Misty Moran , the Bubble-Up Girlz.  

They refer to themselves as a “mother-daughter ‘mixologist’ team who create “great smelling products that pamper”. All of their products are handmade in small batches with natural, locally sourced ingredients and designed for sensitive skin.  

All of the ingredients the Girlz use can be found at this link via their glossary.   

Their recipes are curated from family formulas, passed down from Misty’s great-grandmother, Esther Larson, a Norwegian immigrant who knew how bad weather could be, noting it was “terrible on yer skin”.  She started with creating creams, salves and soaps which the locals soon clamored for.

Upon immigrating to North Dakota in the late 1800s, she ensured the skills and techniques would be passed down to her children and grandchild by making gifts for family and friends.

In 2003, Misty and Laney vended at their first craft show and haven’t looked back since.  Their products were an instant hit at shows up and down the west coast and have become the family’s major source of income.

In 2013, with both Laney and Misty being legal medical marijuana patients, the natural evolution was to begin infusing some of their products with cannabis (THC and CBD)  Creating their medical line has been life changing, both for the Bubble Up Girlz and every patient they have helped, Misty said “Helping so many patients with chronic pain issues is rewarding beyond explanation.

Some of my favorite creations are the soy candles and tartlets.   They note the many benefits of using soy, including cleaner, longer burning candles with no harmful toxins such as paraffin wax.  One of the neatest things about these candles is that they can also be used as a massage oil when melted.  Upon meeting the girlz, I was immediately impressed when Laney reached for my hand and rubbed some of the melted wax on top.  It was like nothing I had experienced before Soft, warm and the smell? Unbelievably good. They have a wide variety of scents, but if you don’t see a favorite, don’t worry, they can create custom scents.

Their soy tartlets are highly scented, all-natural, specifically designed for use with candle warmers (also sold by the GIrlz) which essentially double the life of the candle or tartlet.

Another favorite product which also makes a great gift is their Body Frosting.  A “lotion so thick and rich it is definitely more than a cream”. Made from shea butter and other rich oils, any of these scents such as Cherry Almond, Honeysuckle, Basil Sage and Mint or Wild Mountain Blueberry would be the perfect Valentine Day accompaniment.

The Lotion Sticks, which come in a handy, twist up tubes the Girlz fill and package themselves, ease extra dry skin without getting oils all over.  Certainly a must have in our home.

Speaking of good Valentine Day gift ideas, check out their Goat’s Milk Soap, which is gentle, non-drying and the Girlz’s great grandmother;s original recipe from Norway.  The packaging is adorable, for good reason. Misty obtained her degree in Graphic Design in 2003 from the Pacific Northwest College of Art and is the driving force behind all of the logos, web design and graphic details of their social media accounts.  Quite an accomplishment, in my opinion.

For daily nourishment, the Girlz recommend their Body Lotion for long lasting softness with no greasy or tacky feel.  I don’t know anyone who would not enjoy a bottle or three of these, especially infused with enough natural, herbal medicine the Girlz have grown themselves.  Body Lotion over opioids any day.

Of course, before the Body Lotion comes the Three in One Wash.  Used as a luxurious shower gel, for an extra bubbly bubble bath or even a moisture rich shampoo, their Three in One Wash always leaves you feeling refreshed and is more than convenient  

Perhaps my favorite offering from the Girlz is their Lip Jelly Sticks. They moisten and protect, come in delicious flavors and the THC infused Wild Mountain Huckleberry never leaves my side.

Want to try a soothing protein spray that will that will leave your skin feeling refreshed, smelling great without resorting to heavy perfume?  Try a Mister from the Girlz.

  These are also great for hair conditioning  Inhale deeply!

Make that next bath more memorable with their Bath Salts.  By adding 1-2 spoons, you can pamper yourself and relax with these salts which also act as a body scrub, not only exfoliating, but relieving aches and pains with these healing, marijuana infused salts.

If you would rather soak than scrub, check out their creamy Milk Bath, a unique blend of oatmeal, essential oils and (of course) milk.  This also acts as a skin neutralizer, easing skin irritations, sunburns or eczema.

If you have more than a skin irritation, try their Body Balm, designed to heal severely dry skin while protecting  from further damage. This is an intense moisturizer, recommended for Diabetics or others with serious skin issues such as cracked hands or feet.   

Their Body Polish leaves the driest and roughest of skin feeling soft and smooth.  By gently massaging and exfoliating rough skin areas before showering, this blend of Hawaiian salts and sugars make for an amazing feel.

Pregnant or know an expecting mom who could use a luxurious massage?  Give their Belly Jelly a try. Their blend of oils (and no, using cannabis oils topically while pregnant will NOT adversely affect a fetus), butters and vitamin E keeps mommy’s skin soft and supple while her belly grows.  Pampered skin equals less stretch marks and what a great way to connect with an expectant mom.

Of course, if you know an expectant couple and give the mommy some Belly Jelly, you could always include the daddy with a gift of some B-U Guyz, their new line of products designed with men in mind.  Try some Tiger Balm to relieve sore or stiff muscles.

The Girlz have also created a Cologne Spray , a soothing protein spray useful for both shaving and as a hair conditioner.

Monkey Grease is the Girlz’s answer to a rich, creamy lotion for “guyz”.  It also makes an excellent massage lotion, leaving a deep, penetrating moisturization.

For a thicker, richer cream for extremely dry skin, try the Whipped Monkey Grease.  A little goes a long way with this unscented, non-colored cream. (need image)

The Girlz also thought of the guyz when it came to their 3 in 1 product line with this 3 in 1 wash.  

The Girlz have the cutest spokesmodel, Lolita the Pug, who helped inspire their Bubble Up Petz line.

Read More About Lola

Lolita’s Stinky Breath Spray is their newest product, created to eliminate stinky dog breath and replace it with a fresh, minty scent.  The spray can be used directly in the mouth, on food or in water, it also soothes irritated gums.

All pets would enjoy the Mia’s Misters, designed to refresh and soften fur, leaving your furry friends fresh between baths.  Their green tea and ginger formula also makes a great, organic flea repellant.

Another must have is Roxy’s Paw Balm , perfect for the driest of those 4 footed kids, allowing them to feel pampered as well as protect their precious pads.

For pets with irritated skin, give their Hot Spot Lotion a try.  Formulated to cure itchy patches or scratching problems by rubbing a few drops on affected areas.  

Bath time for our pets can always be a challenge, so why not add some bubbles, fragrance and fun with Kody’s Puppy Bubbles. These also act as an all-in-one shampoo, conditioner and detangler, providing your precious pets with their own pampering.

If a solid shampoo bar for your pet is more your choice, check out Lola’s Scrubba-Dubba Soap , full of cleansing goat’s milk and nourishing, essential oils.

Keep in mind that any of these products can be infused with cannabis and be custom made with any of the following scents (their entire list can be accessed via this link):



Black Raspberry & Vanilla

Bubble Gum

Candy Cane

Caramel Corn

Cascade Christmas


Chocolate Fudgesicle

Cinnamon Bear

Clean Cotton

Coconut Lemongrass

Coconut Lime Verbena

Cotton Candy

Country Melon Cooler



Dirty Hippie



Exotic Gardenia

Fresh Squeezed Lemons

Ginger Peach

Gingerbread Man

Green Tea & Ginger

Hot Apple Cider

Hula Punch

Irish Coffee

Island Coconut

Island Plumeria

Juicy Pineapple

Lavender Vanilla

Love Monkey

Mary Jane

Moonlight Beach

Oatmeal, Milk & Honey


Pina Colada

Pomegranate Passion

Pumpkin Pie

Rose Petal

Strawberry Milkshake

Summer Lilac

Summer Watermelon

Sweet Pea



Vanilla Cupcake


Warm Vanilla Sugar

Wild Mountain Huckleberry

Wild Violets

The Girlz have most orders go within 3-5 business days of receipt, although custom flavors or scents may take slightly longer.  The offer all handcrafted items which are created in small batches. Orders can be placed via their website here or via phone at 360-757-3743.  They also have a convenient, printable form order form available here.

I am reminded of my own mother every time I walk in to Vincere’s Compassion Club and get a glimpse of the Girlz and it warms me to the soul, with her being gone for more than 20 years.  I feel a kinship, a connection with this family and their products. They also sell some incredible flower and I always have to pick up a few joints when I visit with them each weekend.

For some of the best infused and non-infused products to pamper yourself or your loved ones (including those furry friends), search no further than the Bubble Up Girlz.

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