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Rock some Food is Free Fashion – updated with 2020 items and prices

The Food is Free Tacoma project caught my attention when we moved to town last year. It really became important when our family recently decided to purchase a home in Tacoma and are now in the process of designing our garden to be as edible as possible, in order to donate and participate in the project.

Please note this original article was written during the 2019 season. This post has now been updated to feature new products and prices for the 2020 season.

Their Mission Statement (via their Facebook page):

Food is Free project is a food sharing organization advocating for front yard gardens and sharing among neighbors. Morning glory problems preclude me from using my front yard so I care for a 3000 sqft garden in my back yard. The Food is Free Project grows community and food, while helping gain independence from a broken agricultural system. Time to take back our food and meet our neighbors. Invite your friends to join the Project. Transform your own neighborhood and plant a community garden in your front yard. Share the harvest and make ripples of inspiration on your street. I’m hoping to inspire others to start a garden and share with their neighbors.

I fully support the goals of this project, am planning to participate and was, therefore, extremely excited to discover the t-shirts and baseball caps now available. After all, who doesn’t need a little fashion in the garden?

Proceeds from sales go towards funding new garden projects. Supporters can also purchase totes as well as yard signs.

Other than showing up in my own work boots (no, those aren’t pink – they are Doc Martins with koi fish and flowers, in case you were curious), shovel in hand, ready to help with the inaugural garden this Saturday, April 13th (click this link for details), I can think of no better way to show your support for the project and the community.

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