Will the WSLCB be no more?

A new bill was introduced which aims to dissolve the Washington State Liquor and Cannabis Board.

Say goodbye to the WSLCB?

According to an article from, a bill (HB 2160) proposed by Republican Rep. Drew Macewen looks to completely dissolve Washington State’s Liquor and Cannabis Board.

Representative Drew Macewen (R-35) proposes dissolving the WSLCB

The bill reads, in part, “Countless licensees are increasingly becoming frustrated with the lack of assistance and help at the Liquor and Cannabis Board, and that the Liquor and Cannabis Board prefers to penalize its licensees for administrative or technical violations, rather than helping them comply”.

In place of the Board, Representative Macewen proposes a governor-appointed director, confirmed by the state Senate. Once that happens, the bill would put money saved by the measure to “ensure the marijuana traceability system is fully functional and operational.”

Following hacking of the state’s cannabis accountability system last February and a February, 2019 report from The Stranger which cited a “toxic” culture within the Liquor and Cannabis Board, with a bipartisan group of 10 state lawmakers (including Rep. McEwen) calling on Gov. Jay Inslee to rescind his nomination of Russ Hauge, an agency board member, this will certainly be interesting to watch play out this session.

What do you think? Do you support the work of the WSLCB? What would you suggest to replace it, if not? Speak out and let us know – this could be game changing in the Washington cannabis industry.

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