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Celebrate Earth Day with a good clean up on 6th Avenue with Mary Mart

Mary Mart first 6th Avenue Clean up of 2019 is Wednesday, March 20th, 12-2 p.m.

Everyone in the cannabis industry knows there is a problem with recycling and trash in general. It aggravates me so much I recently wrote about how and what we can, as an industry and a community, do better, in this article for Big Buds Magazine.

If I visit to a local dispensary, I want to ensure I am frequenting one which makes an actual effort to better our community, and I was able to find just that and much more in one of my favorite cannabis dispensaries in Tacoma, Mary Mart.

I first visited in June upon relocating from Utah (I also received my Washington medical authorization card there) and wrote about in January for a series entitled “Touring Tacoma’s Cannabis Dispensaries” (read that piece here).

Not only is it located in a groovy part of town (6th Avenue is an awesome walking district for all sorts of funky shops, restaurants and of course, coffee shops), it is big, bright, clean and well staffed with plenty of safe, available parking and security.

I was surprised to discover, upon researching the January piece, that the staff of Mary Mart not only provide outstanding and informed customer service inside the dispensary, they do it outside, on the daily. They go out with brooms and gloves, cleaning up their parking lot where careless customers toss aside cannabis packaging, ignoring the nearby trash receptacles.

Contact Misha of Mary Mart to participate in the 6th Avenue Clean Up

My respect for the management and staff of this particular shop shot up when I learned this and I vowed to be supportive of any community clean up efforts as the cannabis community can be, quite frankly, a bunch of trashy pigs and I know we can do so much better. So, I was happy to see another 6th Avenue Clean Up sponsored by Mary Mart, this time on Wednesday, March 20, 2019 from 12 p.m. – 2 p.m.

Click here for more details, contact Misha at or visit for further information.

If you have a few minutes to spare, this will make a difference, not only on 6th avenue, but in our Tacoma cannabis community as well. Get out, meet some new friends, beautify our gritty city and welcome Spring with the staff at Mary Mart by bringing your gloves, tools and friends!

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