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Tour Tacoma with your sweet tooth

One of the first things my family did, upon relocating from Utah to Tacoma last summer, was go on a walking tour of our new gritty city. We went “ghost hunting” with the crew at Pretty Gritty Tours, which culminated in a visit to Stadium High School. It was a fabulous way to get familiar with Tacoma, get some exercise and spend some fun family time.

Taste lots of tempting treats during the Tacoma Sweets Tour

I was, therefore, perhaps understandably excited, when I noticed the same tour company promoting a “Sweets Tour”.

They offer the following description on their Facebook page:

Tacoma has a rich and tasty history as a major destination for the manufacturing of delicious treats. We are the birthplace of Almond Roca, Mountain Bars, half of Baskin Robbins, the first Mars Bar, Johnson’s Candy Co, some of the nation’s best donuts, and more! The naturally cool and stable climate has allowed Tacoma to become a major player in the sweets industry.

On this tour you will get to hear, see, and TASTE the sweet history of Tacoma. Included in your tour will be four different tasting stops that will allow you to experience the delicious past and innovative present of our port town first hand.

This tour utilizes the FREE Link Light rail and consists of light walking (less than a mile.)

Pretty Gritty Tours – a GREAT way to get to know Tacoma

Please book your tickets online via this link. Children 3-12 are only $5 (served a smaller portion) and children under 3 are FREE!

This is a tour I am so ready for, who else would enjoy tasting all the sweetness of Tacoma?

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