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420 Tacoma Cannabis Company on 37th Street seeking full time Budtenders

Note: All information posted here was gleaned from the job listing. Please contact original recruiter with questions or to apply.

Budtenders sought by 420 Tacoma Cannabis Company on 37th Street

420 Tacoma Cannabis Company’s budtender’s top priority is our customers. They provide a warm and welcoming experience for our customers, while also serving as a knowledgeable resource on cannabis products. Budtenders ensure they sell products to only persons of legal age by checking every customer’s ID.

Essential Responsibilities

  • Greets customers with a friendly and welcoming attitude at all times
  • Maintains a sense of urgency in helping customers, ensuring customers are greeted within 10 seconds upon entering the store
  • Answers customer questions and engages in conversation about our products to help customer find a product that is suitable
  • Stays close to customers who are browsing to ensure they can be helped the moment they are ready
  • Carefully checks every customer’s ID at the register before accepting cash/providing product, ensuring that the ID is valid and that the entrant is at least 21 years of age
  • Handles cash for customer purchases, checking bills to ensure they are not counterfeit
  • Makes lists of products that need to be stocked on the floor during down time
  • Maintains cleanliness of the sales floor (cleaning glass, display cabinets, straightening displays, sweeping, etc.)
  • Maintains cleanliness of breakroom and restrooms
  • Refers all customer complaints and requests for returns/exchanges to a Lead Budtender or a Manager
  • De-escalates any tense customer situations, asking for Door Security or Manager assistance if needed

Essential Experience & Skills

  • In-depth knowledge of cannabis products preferred
  • Knowledge of paraphernalia preferred
  • Well-versed on permitted IDs and how to check for fake IDs
  • Ability to engage customers and provide excellent customer service

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