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Take a late night tour of Stadium High School

One of the perhaps most recognisable symbols of Tacoma is Stadium High School. From it’s storied history to it’s historic landmark status and, of course, featured in the film 10 things I hate about you, this school is a particular favorite of our family. We toured the outside of it last Fall, after relocating from Utah, as a way to learn about our new home town and get more acquainted.

Pretty Gritty Tours is a great way to get to know Tacoma history

When we took our tour, we went with Pretty Gritty Tours on a ghost hunt (my son-in-law’s idea) and walked around Wright Park and several notable building, culminating with a few scary tales at Stadium High.

We thoroughly enjoyed the tour and the guide was very knowledgeable, giving us bits of history we would have never gleaned from just walking around by ourselves. The ghost hunting aspect was fun and it was a family fun day we won’t soon forget

I was really excited to discover that they are now offering a late night tour of the inside of the school. According to their Facebook page, this hour long tour will explore the halls and corridors of this magnificent building from the 1800’s.

Explore the inside of Stadium High Saturday, March 2, 2019

Originally built to be a luxury hotel by the Northern Pacific Railroad it was abandoned in the financial crash of the late 1800s. Not long after the building was gutted by a fire. Luckily this iconic French Chateau style structure was purchased by the school district and opened in 1906 as Tacoma’s most impressive high school.

This is an opportunity to see the boiler room, historical theater, and attic. For any of you who have always wanted to see inside Stadium and hear the lore of the building, now is your opportunity.

There are 4 tour times. Starting at 6:00 we will run every hour.
Please buy your tickets online early to ensure you get a spot. Tickets are $25 a person.

The majority of the tour is ADA accessible and there are elevators available.

Children under 10 cannot enter the attic unfortunately.

Come experience the grandeur and history.


I know where my family will likely have another family fun night, Saturday, March 2, 2019, 6-10 p,m. Would you pass this opportunity up?

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