How does Jamaica for 4/20 sound?

Is Jamaica calling you for 4/20 this year?

Combine a week of education along with the biggest day of the year to celebrate for cannabis enthusiasts and you get the EndoCannabinoid System Educational Series, a six day international course designed to educate on alternative therapies that encourage homeostasis and optimal human function through Endocannabinoid System (ECS) balancing.

Want to celebrate 4/20 in Jamaica AND learn something at the same time?

Held in the Hills of Jamaica Kingston in Jamaica (click this link to register and tickets), this event will include special breakout sessions covering subjects such as standards and dosing on edibles, extraction methods, cultivation standards and process education and feature 4 “Speaker Sessions” with cannabis professionals:

Dee Dussault – Ganja Yoga Teacher Certification

Yoga Teacher and Speaker Dee Dussault

Cheri Sicard – Eat to Treat – Nutritional Preparations

Author, Chef and Speaker Cheri Sicard

Mieko Perez – Being the bridge between cannabis  consumers, dispensaries and medical healthcare providers

Mieko Perez, Advocate, Mom and Speaker

Dr. Lakisha Jenkins – Endogenous Cannabinoid System Balancing and Supplementation

Traditional Naturopath and registered master herbalist.

The schedule of events will educate attendees on all aspects of the Endocannabinoid System (ECS), it’s function and the global development of the industry that is building around it.

The course week will end with a 4/20 celebration at Hope Botanical Gardens in Kingston, Jamaica in cooperation with Scarce Commodity and the University of the West Indies

Sponsors for this fabulous event include

Dr. Lakisha Jenkins,
Traditional Naturopath and registered master herbalist.

To learn more or explore sponsor packages, click this link.

Aside from being an awesome way to celebrate 4/20 while learning a lot, this event was created and sponsored by women, and, as a long time sister cannabis advocate and lady person, this warms my heart to see more and more women becoming, not just involved, but the very essence of the cannabis movement.

Here’s to a glorious 4/20, canna-sisters, thank you! for creating such a wonderful way to celebrate, network, educate and learn from each other.

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