Tacoma’s cannabis community never stops, even for Snowmageddon

Well, the predicted accumulation from Snowmageddon2019 did not
disappoint. From Seattle to Tacoma and all around the Puget Sound, snow totals of up to a foot have been reported.

As a newer resident to the PNW, I was not expected for the preparations, the clearing of store shelves or the ice. That is likely the worst part thus far of our first winter here. The humidity living so close to the shore combined with freezing temperatures creates havoc with traffic, both car and foot, and my family is locked up tight for the next few days.

However, not all Tacoma residents are staying home. I was excited to see a few dispensaries open this morning, especially Mary Mart (read our review at this link) on 6th Avenue and the Tacoma House of Cannabis.

Not only is the Tacoma House of Cannabis open, they took the time, energy and effort to create this fabulous snow-bong.

Snow Bong created by the Tacoma House of Cannabis

Another important facet of the cannabis community Vincere’s Compassion Club (read about how and why this Club is important to medical marijuana patients in western Washington) also opened today, with vendors and staff ready to serve patients and caregivers.

I must say, living in Tacoma is a different winter experience from Utah, one which I am thoroughly enjoying. Thank you, cannabis community, you never let me down!

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