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Freedom – one HELLUVA drug

Taking bong hits while standing on my back patio this morning, I noticed a sight I had previously not made particular note of. The neon glow of a sign. Not just any sign. The sign from a recreational cannabis dispensary. It dawned on me (maybe thanks, in part, to those bong hits) that it was a sight I would had never seen or likely never would in Utah.

I would be considered a felon in Utah for what I just did on my own patio in Washington

That got me thinking about freedom. I moved from Salt Lake City to Tacoma last summer and was immediately struck out like a tourist to discover all there was about marijuana in my new home town. For many who may not know, Utah is not a pot-friendly state, rather a theocracy run entirely by the Mormon Church.

I was grateful to escape to a land where I am now licensed to have medical marijuana, buy it directly from growers and grow up to 15 plants myself. This is not going to be a reality in Utah any time soon as I read this morning they are now trying to raise more than $4 million for an incredibly weak, watered down “medical” program.

They will never have the freedom we do in Washington, this I believe in my heart and soul. I am eternally grateful to have made the Pacific Northwest my new family home, for this and many other reasons.

Please remember, when slamming the Washington cannabis community, how truly unfortunate other communities are, where patients continue to suffer, without need, simply due to greed and control.

Freedom really is one hell of a drug and I am hopelessly addicted.

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