Do you decarb?

I got up early this morning to start a new batch of cannabis tincture, beginning with preparation of trim by decarbing and wanted to share my methods with our readers, as we get asked a lot about the process.

I wrote about my cannabis tincture recipe for Ladybud Magazine, which includes directions for decarbing.

Making marijuana into medicine can be a very simple process, which, in our home, always begins with decarboxylation. I always decarb my trim or flower before extracting it as the process converts the THCA in to THC.

Decarbing cannabis for tincture

The photo above shows about a half pound of cannabis trim (which was purchased from Vincere’s Compassion Club (read about how and why this compassion club is critical for medical marijuana patients in western Washington in another recent article from Ladybud).

I decarb at 220 (f) for 52 minutes, turning occasionally. This photo demonstrates the cannabis after decarb, ready to be mixed with vegetable glycerin and extracted in a crockpot, the old-fashioned way.

Cannabis after decarb

After decarb is finished, I added it to the crock-pot, covered with vegetable glycerin and stirred well to incorporate. This will be allowed to heat on low in the crock-pot until a slight scent can be detected, then turned to warm and left to extract for 24 hours.

Cannabis after decarb, mixed with vegetable glycerin

The material will then be strained through cheesecloth and stored in mason jars, which will be shelf stable for months (but will never last that long).

There is no reason to not make your own medicine, and this method is always easy and never blows your house up. Here’s to decarb!

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