Cannabis Delivery

Are cannabis deliveries coming to Washington?

Washington cannabis consumers could soon have it available upon demand, delivered straight to their door.

Delivering cannabis could soon be a new occupation for the Washington cannabis industry

Steve Kirby (D-29), Brandon Vick (R-18), Brian Blake (D-19) and Sherry Appleton (D-23) have co-sponsored House Bill 1358 which is “AN ACT Relating to establishing an endorsement to the marijuana 2 retailer’s license authorizing delivery services to individuals 3 twenty-one years of age or older; adding a new section to chapter 4 69.50 RCW; providing an effective date; and declaring an emergency.”

Rep. Steve Kirby, D-29
Brandon Vick, R-18
Rep. Brian Blake, D-19
Rep. Sherry Appleton, D-23

To put it plainly, customers 21 years and older in Washington would be able to have marijuana products delivered, effective July 1, 2019.

This would certainly provide additional jobs in the industry in addition to a convenience few people will ever experience. We think it is an excellent proposal and look forward to contacting our representatives to express our support.

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