Cool, local and made of hemp? Finally – fashion we can REALLY get into

Respect My Region, an urban and cannabis culture blog spanning the Pacific NorthWest that we follow on the regular, just posted an article entitled “Mediums Collective Releases New Quilted Collection of Hoodies” featuring clothing “for the chic stoner. For the cannasseur who has an eye for quality. This is streetwear that comes with a luxurious haze outlining it. Since its inception in 2015, Mediums Collective has continued to innovate comfortable clothing outfitted for the on-the-go smoker”. This seemed right up our reader’s alley, so we are passing this fantastic information on.

The Story

Founder, Roger Maldonado, got interested in fashion back when he was attending the University of Washington. A friend he had made through the Greek system, Adam, had started the clothing company, Endorphins. Roger would help with the graphics which would eventually be the catalyst to his own fashion endeavors. 

While sitting down with Roger in his Eastlake apartment, I asked him how his brand came to be. Like many great start-ups, it all started in his parents’ basement.

“After I graduated, I moved back to my parents’ house for like a month because I was trying to figure shit out. I was down in my studio smoking hella fucking weed and amping up my design game. I had this vision about starting my own brand and starting my own company.

That’s when I started communicating this whole concept to my brother and he was behind it the whole time. There was a time where my graphics went from level one to level five. I created this graphic I call ‘Sky High’. That was the first graphic where I felt like I created something special and unique to me.”

The Threads

What really excited me about their clothing was their ‘Seattle Tee’. The classic pocket tee style features sleeves with the Seattle skyline. The pocket went through a bit of a redesign to be long and skinny like the Space Needle which is proudly displayed on it. To be clear though, THEY MADE A POCKET FOR YOUR BLUNT.

Mediums Collective Lifestyle Apparel

The Seattle Tee – Hemp Series

One of my favorite things about living in the Northwest is the ability to wear a sweatshirt year round. I find nothing more comfortable than a sweatshirt, especially when you put it on fresh out of a warm dryer.

Seriously, though, nothing beats a big cozy well made hoodie and Mediums Collective knows this. They have three different lines of hoodies; The OG Design Collection, The Two-Tone Collection, and The Quilted Collection.

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The OG Design Collection features unique geometric imagery originally designed by Roger back when Mediums Collective was still being conceptualized. The hoodie below features the signature “Sky High” design mentioned above. 

Sky High Hoodie from the OG Design Collection

Available in a few colorways, the Two-Tone Collection is perfect for daily wear. The simplistic, yet innovative Mediums Collective logo is the focal point of this essential hoodie. Color schemes like, pomegranate, nicely accent the gold metal tips that cap the drawstrings. 

Mediums Collective Lifestyle Apparel

Pomegranate Hoodie from the Two Tone Series ft. Signature Script Collection Beanie in Raspberry

Their most recent drop is the kind of hoodie you wear to stunt on people. The Quilted Collection is made from heavyweight fabric and is available in three colors that contrast with a creamy base and satin-lined pockets. Through the sleeves, chest, and front pocket you can see a custom Asanoha quilting pattern. 

Asanoha is a quilting pattern traditionally seen on Japanese Kimonos. The pattern is a representation of overlaying hemp leaves and historically the fabrics used to make those were made of hemp as well. 

Mediums Collective Lifestyle Apparel

A Hoodie from the Quilted Collection in Navy

Hemp makes more than just a pretty pattern as Mediums incorporates hemp into their textiles; their Jasmine Collection of hats are 100% hemp. As well, more than half of the Seattle Tee fabric is made of hemp. Showing how they take timeless techniques and use them to create modern, innovative, and high-quality streetwear. 

Their beanie game is stronger than the hemp fibers used in those pieces. If you look at the Scholar Series online, you’ll see a pencil hanging off the side of the beanie. Do you know what’s roughly the same size as a pencil? That’s right, yet another item available that has major blunt carrying capabilities.

Personally, I like a beanie with a nice pom at the top and their Signature Script Collection doesn’t disappoint. They’re just so plush and so soft, it’s like wearing a hug on your head. Comfortable yet stylish is one of my favorite fashion philosophies to live by.

Mediums Collective Lifestyle Apparel

Oreo Beanie from the Signature Script Collection

Mediums Collective is more than just high-quality streetwear. Much like Respect My Region, they’re a lifestyle brand. All of their clothes represent what life is like in the Northwest and connect our community together with fabric.

They’ll be joining the community at ETC Tacoma on January 25th for Mexijake’s Less Words Let’s Work album release party. The rapper will be joined by Jo$hua, who recently released an album himself titled, Where You Been, which features Mexijake on it. Along with melodic rapper, Apxllo, and DJ Don Tito.

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