A moment of silence, please

What do you do when a favorite piece is destroyed? Mourn? Start shopping? Get your next piece out and load a fat bowl or dab?

Today I was faced with just that decision when I broke my small recycler/bubbler I brought from Utah, a little piece I affectionately called Candy. I accidentally knocked her over on my patio, onto a piece of carpet and she broke in to three pieces.

Odd, as I was able to travel 1,200 miles with her by my side during our exodus from Utah last June, using her enjoy some flower and keep me sane. This was a favorite piece I had purchased with the only friend I had in “real life” during my last few years behind the Zion curtain, therefore it held certain sentimental value.

However, upon breaking her, my heart is actually not broken this time. Is that because I now live in a legal state where I can walk to a dispensary and purchase a new piece right away, no waiting? Is it because I am actually free to finally use cannabis outside, on my own property, safely and without worry?

Breaking rigs and bongs happens to all of us, and is something to be expected, I suppose. Sharing stories about it could be interesting, so I will ask, what stories do you have about breaking any of your favorite pieces?

I’m not quite sure, but whatever the reason, I am not sad, not in mourning and not feeling guilty. I will let her go with grace, grateful for the time we had together, after a moment of silence.

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