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Be a Budtender at Diamond Green in Tacoma

Diamond Green Recreational, located at 4002 S. 12th Street in Tacoma, has a need for full time Budtenders. Their website states they are a “medical and recreational marijuana retailer offering the highest-quality product in Tacoma. We’re a local and family-owned establishment that has been up and running since 2014”. They go on to list products including a variety of flower strains, pre-rolled joints, edibles, concentrates, CBD, topicals, and paraphernalia.

“We have knowledgeable budtenders who ensure that only the finest-quality product is delivered. All of our topshelf products are highly affordable as well”.

If you are a cannabis enthusiast at least 21 years of age, approachable, kind, open to learn ,punctual and in possession of valid identification and this sounds like you kind of gig, submit your resume to Gary at

This could provide an excellent opportunity to enter the cannabis industry for job seekers without prior experience, to learn on the job, so to speak and I can attest the shop itself is clean, safe and the Budtenders have always been friendly and informative.

If I were looking for a full time Budtender position in Tacoma, I know where I would start, with Diamond Green.

Tell them PinkBoots420 sent you and let us know if you score your dream job.

Good luck!

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