Clear Choice Cannabis Careers

Could Clear Choice Cannabis open the door to your dream career?

Clear Choice Cannabis

Breaking in to the cannabis industry has never been easier, if your ultimate desire is to “work with “weed” and you are near the Tacoma area, you can apply right now, so why wait? Start by completing this “Pre-Boarding Form”, which requests basic contact and demographic information as well as brief work history and skills assessment.

Clear Choice Cannabis – Tacoma – Front Entrance

They note on their Tacoma location website: ” We offer local, pre-tested, clean and effective Cannabis flowers, oils, derivatives, extracts, topicals and fantastic edibles and have a tremendous selection of strains including many high CBD strains. We complement this with our exquisite selection of Functional Glass Art and accessories including “One of a Kind” designer pieces from some of the biggest names in the functional glass art industry”.

Clear Choice Cannabis does not list any available jobs, however we have reached out to them, offering to add any open positions to our new Job Dashboard. If they do give us any leads, our readers will be the first to know.

Clear Choice Cannabis

Meanwhile, if working on South Hosmer Street sounds good to you, get started with the paperwork today, it’s never too early.

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