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Is worth the effort or a real rip-off?

In our continuing effort to assist the cannabis community and industry connect when it comes to careers, we took an in depth look at, as they claim to be “the leading cannabis industry job board website with approximately 75,000 visitors and nearly a MILLION page views per month. Browse marijuana-related jobs found at dispensaries, doctors offices, cultivation centers, delivery services, manufacturing, packaging, marketing and more”.

Quick disclaimer, the word “cannabis” is misspelled as “cannbis” on their home page, so that might be a red flag as to how professional an organization they really are. We went through every page and tab of their website for our evaluation and are bringing the high and lowlights here, taking it all in to account.

The “Browe Jobs” section did not feature any jobs in the Pacific NorthWest (sorry local readers) but did have plenty in California, Arizona, Oklahoma, Colorado, Kansas, Illinois, New York, North Carolina and Pennsylvania.

Jobs are searchable by location, job type (Freelance, Full-Time, Internship, Part-Time, Temporary or Volunteer) and tagged by title sales customer service ethanol extraction hemp cbd education cannabis dispatcher distribution field sales trimming packaging inventory management and tracking security security guard budtender labeling weight knowledge social media cultvation delivery processing money handling driver.

Another tab entitled “Job Packages” features either a “free” listing of one job for 180 days in a “non-highlightable” post or for $50, employers may place an ad for one job for 180 days which will be “highlighted and moved to the top for 30 days, for a one time fee”.

Marijuana Schools is an interesting page 420 Careers chooses to display, where they also state ” Getting a degree/certification from a marijuana school can help you get a job in the marijuana industry.” It goes on with “Marijuana schools can offer a variety of classes – marijuana basics, cultivation, history, medical purposes, etc. Some marijuana schools only offer online courses, others only offer classroom courses, but some offer online and classroom courses”.

A HempStaff “Dispensary Training” service is offered which claims to “Travel around the country to educate people who want to get into the Marijuana industry and even those who are already working in a dispensary” and claim to have “currently trained and certified over 2,000 Dispensary ‘Budtenders’ nationwide”.

THC University is also listed under the “Marijuana School” tab and claims to be “the first professional marijuana cultivation training program in Colorado”.

No pricing is listed for either “school”, but there are loads of opportunities to spend your advertising dollar, if that’s something your cannabis company is looking to back.

Along with a few blog posts, there does not appear to be anything offered of much merit, in our opinion, by Although we did not attempt to obtain a job through them (we would not), we have come to the conclusion that if a cannabis “staffing” company cannot spell the word CANNABIS correctly on the front page of their very important website and seem more inclined to hawk marijuana “schools” and advertising space, our only advice is to take your time when searching for a cannabis career. Do your due diligence and learn enough about a company before investing any time (and certainly never any money) in to an organization that is this shady.

Do your due diligence when searching out a cannabis career

Mother also said be smart with your hustle. She was right. Buyer and job seeker beware.

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