No excuses to not score your perfect cannabis career in 2019

Hey you – the only bitching about not being able to find a job in the cannabis industry. Stop it. Just stop. Get yourself together and start searching for careers. They are out there by the hundreds and we are breaking them down, making them easy to access and apply for. Now get busy!

The next company we are reviewing in our “Work With Weed” series in Vangst, “The cannabis industry’s #1 recruiting platform”. According to their website, they have  “connected over 10,000 candidates with jobs in the rapidly emerging cannabis industry. Through direct hire, Vangst GIGS, career fairs, and our job board, our team continues to pioneer recruiting solutions tailored specifically to the cannabis industry”.

They offer a staffing platform, GIGS, which is the first and only fully compliant on-demand staffing platform in the cannabis industry which connects vetted temporary labor with cannabis businesses.

They feature the Vangst 2018 Salary Guide which is the first-ever industry report to establish the average salary of top positions within cannabis. They will continue to report the most accurate data from leading companies as the industry grows and as a cannabis professional, I find that exciting. After all, information IS power.

Want to work full time? Click here.

Need full time cannabis employees? Check this out.

Temporary staffing needs can be met here.

Cannabis Career Fairs in 2019 for Los Angeles and Denver, which they notes is “a high-energy, experiential event that attracts thousands of cannabis consumers, enthusiasts, and advocates who are eager to become a part of America’s fastest-growing industry. We provide exhibitors the opportunity to engage directly with potential job candidates, showcase their brands, demo their products or services, and participate in educational speaker sessions. If your company wants to elevate its exposure in front of thousands of passionate cannabis professionals, business owners, and enthusiasts, you won’t want to miss this event!

I truly believe every cannabis advocate, patient or enthusiast has a place within the industry and it is within each of us find it, make it our own and give back to the plant that does so much for us. I found mine. Hopefully you can find yours with the information we provide, because I LOVE my cannafamily.

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