Trashing the cannabis industry?

Canna-family I have something to share. Something that maddens me, sickens and concerns me, yet something I have faith that we, as a community and industry, can work together to solve. I’m talking TRASH, people!

I wrote about the problems we are facing with recycling and packaging within the cannabis industry for Big Buds Magazine as this is a serious issue that we do need to address, now, not later.

The other huge issue I want to address is packaging and, rather than scream HEMP in my face, please take time to read the article and all associated links. Then, if you have something useful or meaningful to add, please do so as I did a lot of research for this article.

Thanks for reading – let’s clean it up, cannafam! I want to raise my grandkids on a cleaner planet than I raised my kids on, as I am sure every parent or grandparent wishes. Get educated, get involved and do something to Mother Nature.

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