Will Washington have more protection for students with medical marijuana?

Students attending schools through Washington could soon be legally allowed to consume medical marijuana at school with new parameters, if Representative Brian Blake’s (D-19) sponsored House Bill 1060 is passed.

Rep. Brian Blake, D-19

The bill, which is currently in Pre-File status, would amend current laws to allow guardians and parents of school aged children (who have valid medical authorizations) to give the kids their medication on the bus, on school grounds or at school sponsored events, although inhaled cannabis would not be allowed.

Schools would be required to adopt new policies to accommodate the needs of a qualified student or parent/guardian with the institution of HB1060 by specifically designating which areas on school grounds where it their medical marijuana could be administered.

The bill states that those who “use or display medical marijuana in a manner or place which is open to the view of the general public” are subject to a class 3 civil infraction which comes with a $50 fine at the court’s discretion.

HB1060 also implements special protections for students, parents, guardians, school employees, school district officials, and volunteers from arrest and prosecution.

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