THC stands for The Healing Clinic in Tacoma

Upon arriving from Utah last summer as a very sick, very frightened and all too new medical marijuana patient in Tacoma, I was somehow fortunate enough to find the perfect clinic to obtain my new authorization, The Healing Clinic – Washington. Located in University Place, just west of Tacoma proper and right before you hit the gorgeous Puget Sound, this small, cute clinic on 27th West, fits in snugly with a few, small retail shops, with easy, free parking directly in front.

My first visit was made after I obtained an appointment, calling around almost manically, not knowing exactly how a new patient went about getting that vital medical marijuana authorization, despite a lot of research. Click here to Washington State Department of Health’s Medical Marijuana page. The receptionist was quick to ask a few important questions during that first phone call and confirmed I would be eligible for an authorization and that I didn’t even need my medical records in hand. I was able to access them electronically at their office, quickly, easily and best of all, for free!

After obtaining my medical records and completing some required paperwork, I underwent a general evaluation, prior to meeting with the provider, who spoke with me about 15 minutes about each condition I was seeking to treat. After confirming I did meet the requirements for a medical authorization with a 15 plant grow, she also gave me a list of dispensaries (click here to see our list) where I could go to obtain an actual, physical ID card at MaryMart on 6th Avenue (the medical authorization is perfectly fine and legal, but I wanted the card – you can read about that here – the cost at MaryMart is $1.00).

I paid $100 for my initial evaluation and authorization, which was valid for 6 months. I renewed my license gladly, after another short visit at the Clinic for $70 and hustled again, over to Mary Mart to ensure I had a valid MMJ card with me at all times, based solely on the fact that I can. I never thought I would experience this type of actual compassion and freedom. The only mistake I made in relocating my entire family from Utah to Tacoma was that we didn’t do it 30 years ago. Tacoma is home and I will be eternally grateful for that.

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