Attention – Washington Medible Makers

Are you processing your medibles in accordance with current Washington state laws?

According to the Washington State Department of Agriculture website

As of April 1, 2018, the Washington State Department of Agriculture (WSDA) assumes regulatory authority to license and regulate makers of food products that contain marijuana. This requires these processing businesses to apply for a special endorsement on their business licenses.

Since implementation of Washington’s recreational marijuana law in 2012, the Washington State Liquor and Cannabis Board (WSLCB) had been solely responsible for regulating processors making marijuana-infused edibles, or MIEs. Now WSDA will share that responsibility with the WSLCB.

Who can apply?

To add an MIE Processor License Endorsement from WSDA, you must:

  • Currently have a WSLCB Marijuana Processor license.
  • Produce only MIE products at a single facility.

You cannot:

  • Add MIE products under a Food Processor license.
  • Process MIE products at a facility that processes non-marijuana food products.
  • Process non-marijuana food products at a facility that produces MIE products.

How to apply

What’s the cost?

$895 for the initial endorsement and each annual renewal.

Other points to know

  • WSDA will base endorsement approval on review of your information.
  • If there are no changes to previously approved ownership, location and products, WSDA will not require an inspection or additional information for this initial application.
  • WSDA will inspect your facility within the first 12 months of endorsement.
  • Upon inspection, WSDA may request additional information.
  • If MIE ownership, facility location or products changes are planned during the licensing period, both WSDA and WSLCB must be notified of the proposed changes. See contact information below.
  • If you are a first-time MIE Processor applicant with a current WSLCB Marijuana Processor license, contact both WSDA and WSLCB to discuss the initial licensing process. See contact information below.

What’s WSDA’s role?

WSDA’s Food Safety Program regulates, inspects and provides technical assistance to food processors regarding product safety issues — and now will conduct similar activities with MIE processors. These activities include assessing facility construction, equipment, cleaning and sanitizing practices, allowable products, labeling, and carrying out enforcement and recalls when necessary.

See WAC 16-131 for details on WSDA’s MIE regulatory authority.


Washington State Department of Agriculture

Washington State Liquor and Cannabis Board

Washington State Department of Revenue

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