Will Washington medical marijuana patients catch a break on fees?

mmjThe 2019 Legislative season has officially kicked off for Washington State and we will be keeping you informed of all the important bills affecting cannabis laws, specifically those regarding medical marijuana patients.

For starters, we have House Bill 104, sponsored by Representative Brian Blake (D)-19 Rep. Brian Blake, D-19 and Representative Jim Walsh (R-19) Jim Walsh R19which seeks to establish compassionate care renewals for medical marijuana qualifying patients.

The original bill would, in part, charge $1 for “each initial and renewal recognition card issued by a marijuana retailer with a medical marijuana endorsement”.  That fee would be collected from the qualifying patient or designated provider at the time that he or s she is entered into the database and issued a recognition card. It would also establish a schedule for marijuana retailers with a medical marijuana endorsement to remit those collected fees “shall be deposited into the health professions account created under RCW 43.70.320“.

Washington state ID MMJ card

The bill is currently in Pre-File status and you can leave your comments via this link.

What are your thoughts?  Feel free to share below and we will update you with the latest and greatest developments are they are received.

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