Curious about cannabis topicals and tinctures?

MaryMart, a premiere Tacoma dispensary located on 6th Avenue, is holding the third in a series of “Education Hours” on January 17, 2019 at 4:20 p.m.

This hour will feature guest speaker Laurie Volpe, a MaryMart employee, who, according to their Facebook Event Post, will “speak on cannabis wellness and products thereof as well as answer any questions, you may have, throughout the presentation. The education hour will be held in hopes that customers, who attend, will gain a better understanding of cannabis wellness and products thereof to make more informed decisions”.

It is so interesting, welcome and refreshing to see a local dispensary take educational matters so seriously. The staff at MaryMart know marijuana is medicine and to this end, do an exceptional job in sharing information with their customers and general public.

We are unable to be in attendance, will you?

If, for nothing else, the sheer opportunity to network and meet even more members of Tacoma’s wonderful canna-family.

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