Mary Mart tops the list of Tacoma’s finest cannabis dispensaries

Now that I have been a Tacoma, Washington  resident for well over 6 months and have visited my fair share of cannabis dispensaries, I feel well enough informed to begin a review – the good, the bad and the downright scary.

The first dispensary I walked into upon moving to Tacoma last June was mary mart outside MaryMart on 6th Avenue when I was in search of a shop to print my new acquired Washington State Medical Marijuana Authorization, but I didn’t want to carry around the actual authorization.  Oh no.  I wanted the ID card.  Washington state ID MMJ card I needed the ID card.  I carry my precious ID card with my everywhere, kept right next to my drivers license.  My authorization not only allows me to use medical marijuana, it allows for a 15 plant home grow and other very important aspects a patient actually needs and uses.

I was assisted by a friendly associate the minute my pink boots walked through the front door,  trepidatiously.  The young man simply took my signed authorization (learn how to get one here) and within 15 minutes, I had my new card, for $1.00.

While waiting for the card to be printed, I visited with one very nice and educated Budtender, Allegra, who was able to make suggestions based on customer feedback and personal experience.   Remember – it is technically illegal for all bud-tenders (medical consultants included) to give medical advice.   Allegra (click this link to see her recent video), who was kind enough to ask me questions about what conditions I specifically needed treated, how I prefer my medication (edibles, flowers, etc.) ad actually listened to me, although I was in tears for the majority of the conversation.  I simply could not believe I was standing in a legal, bright, beautiful dispensary in Tacoma, being helped with people who exhibited compassion.  It was the opposite feeling I had committing what Utah considered to be a “felony” for the past 40 years for simply self medicating with marijuana.

I was able to obtain a good selection of edibles, flower and beverages after obtaining my new card and thoroughly enjoyed the experience.  Unforgettable, to say the least.

MaryMart marymartlogo-refined also has an incredible selection of recreational products in addition to bongs, pipes, dab rigs – basically anything a cannabis connoisseur might need.

I have also been incredibly impressed with the amount of professionalism exhibited by both the front and back of house management.  The PR/Marketing Guru, Misha, has been very informative and helpful with two prior articles, always answering any question I pose.  For this, I thank him!

I also want to thank the entire staff and management of MaryMart.  They have designated parking and visible security guards, which always makes a single girl feel safe and happy.

If you are near Tacoma and want to experience what a safe, clean and beautiful cannabis dispensary is, stop by MaryMart.  You will not be dissapointed.

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