Strawberry or Lime Yummy Gummies – what’s your preference?

strawberry or limeIt’s that time of week again, when I prepare to visit the fine folks at Vincere’s Compassion Club, armed with my yummygummies (click here to make your own), loaded with my old-fashioned extracted cannabis tincture (here’s the recipe for that too).

I truly look forward to my weekly visits with the friendly cannafamily here in Tacoma as this is not simply a place to shop for medical marijuana, it is a complete social experience and I can’t wait to share the love (and gummies!)

Trying to decide between strawberry and lime flavored – which one do YOU prefer?

Look for PinkBoots420 cropped-cropped-36756864_1716587261730387_3027043871629508608_n-2this weekend, say HIGH, get a hug and score a yummy gummy.

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