Interested in learning mad canning skills?


Dear #SweetSisterWives of Western Washington – if I were to hold some #canning “classes” (more like get really #baked together and canning #pickles, #fruits and #jams) – would y’all be interested?

I’m playing with some ideas – nothing concrete yet – but would like to a get a feel for some fun, interesting and even educational kinda things we adult, lady/mommy/grandmommy/stoner gals in the #Tacoma area can do as a #cannafam this summer that is actually productive and not expensive.

Here’s an article I wrote for Ladybud Magazine in 2014 to show I know how to do it – just a thought as I have already agreed to teach Sister Chelsea C GrayWolff – thought I would throw it out there as a group thing.

Please let me know what you think as I believe canning is a practice every home cook should master and each mom should learn from their mom or grandma and pass it down to the next generation.  This is a skill I was taught by my grandmother, whose grandmother was a Mormon Pioneer and well worth preserving.

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