Coffee, Cannabis and Yoga – What is your morning routine?

Cannabis Magazine asked me to write about favorite morning routines involving cannabis.

Mother always said the best way to start the day is with a good breakfast. Well, maybe mother wasn’t always right, at least since I became an adult 30+ years ago.

Rather than hemming and hawing over toast and a badly fried egg or some cold oatmeal, I prefer to begin my mornings by incorporating cannabis in all aspects.

The first was I enjoy cannabis in the morning starts with a strong cup of coffee, fresh from the french press, along with a fully back bowl in my favorite bong and a light yoga session, as integrating exercise is always important, especially as we age.

Recently moving to the Pacific Northwest, I have discovered the joys of hiking and walking through some magnificent parks. In our new home of Washington, for example, I can take a stroll any time a park is open and openly enjoy or share a joint without worry of reprisals or arrest.

What a refreshing change from the scene where I came from in Utah where you couldn’t smoke outside at all lest a nosy neighbor phone the police and set up a SWAT operation and someone got shot dead.

The freedom to smoke or vape cannabis in public is something I will never take for granted, although I do take care to not partake in ruining the park or environment

Anything I bring in with me, I take out. If I smoke a few joints, I collect the filters and carry them back in a heat proof container, leaving Mother Nature just as I found her. Call it the Girl Scout in me, but I come prepared. If I am going to consume cannabis outside of my home, I will do so safely and with respect.

My preferred method of morning cannabis ingestion is by putting by homemade vegetable glycerin tincture in orange juice or tea as it is easy to add to most drinks. There are days when I can not eat and the very idea of having to down something with butter is too much, so I always have my trusty tincture nearby.

A couple of tablespoons (my tolerance is really high) and I’m good to go, pain and psychological symptoms, although not cured, certainly much more manageable.

Let’s talk morning edibles. Naturally, edibles come to mind when I think of morning meal time. And not just a single one. Oh no! I prefer to mix it up by making infused butter and jams which can be incorporated into almost any breakfast as well as snacks and other meals throughout the day.

The key, I have found, in dosing oneself with edibles, tinctures and oils, is to keep the level as even as you can, once you find the right one. By that, I mean once you discover how much of an edible meets your needs for pain control or whatever other issue you are dealing with, you need to maintain that level throughout the day.

Consider that edibles and tinctures do not work the same was as smoking or vaping flower in that it can take 2-3 hours (depending on a few variants such as body size and fat ratio) for the full effects to take place and they will last much longer as well.

Although I have yet to try it, a dab at the beach would seem like a lovely way to start the day. And since there are a lot of things in my life I’ve yet to try, I reached out and asked friends what their favorite ways are to incorporate cannabis with their morning routines.

A new friend in Tacoma who I am grateful for, Deanna Christensen such a warm welcoming to the Tacoma, Washington cannabis scene wrote:

“Bong hits first. Then a dab or two..”

An old friend of mine, @jillythomas, of Utah (which is a CBD only oil state, no safe access yet to actual medical marijuana – but that may change if Proposition 2 is approved, tweeted:

“Coffee and smoke a bowl”

Another friend, in the pioneering legal state of Colorado (and owner of Walsenburg’s best Pizza Joint), Barb Johnson wrote

“I’m a joint girl”.

On Facebook, Kasey Tarbet shared that he prefers to “Smoke a bowl” while Dale Brotherstonlikes “Weedpancakes”.

Given all the choices, how do YOU chose to incorporate cannabis with YOUR morning routine? Let me know – I’m always curious about my canna-family.

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