There REALLY is compassion in Washington state’s medical marijuana community

You can read my article about Vincere’s Compassion Club, published recently in Ladybud Magazine, about how a community comes together with compassion and cannabis.


“It is important to remember the Club provides more than medicine; it gives patients a safe, secure place to obtain their medicine directly from growers, to socialize, and to participate in the canna-community as a whole.  It also provides much needed income for the vendors, many of which rely solely on the proceeds from their weekend sales to provide for their families. It is critical it remains in place and continues to be a safe haven where respect and understanding reign. I think I am in love with Vincere’s Compassion Club, plain and simple, as it feels I have met and been welcomed in my new home town by my new tribe, and I want to thank them sincerely for that.”


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