Have a canna-secret to share with your kids?

You can read the article I wrote for Big Buds Magazine about how I grew secretly grew cannabis in an “illegal” state, explained and got the permissions of my (adult) child.  Hopefully other parents can use some of the tips and tricks when they grow their own medicine.

“The encouragement of my daughter has been, perhaps, my favorite part of the growing experience. I truly believe it brought us closer together and I now look forward to the day when I can grow a strain of high-CBD cannabis just for her, and make her some tinctures and edibles that will alleviate her health ailments. Until such time, we are planning a trip to a recreational dispensary in a legal state so she can try some options and hopefully find the relief she needs. After all, as parents, in the end isn’t it all about our kids?”how-to-tell-your-kids-about-your-cannabis-grow-op

The Secret Service: Sharing Your Secret Cannabis Garden With Your Children

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